Miranda Dunn

Miranda was born in Putney in 1962. She studied with the Open University before transferring to UCL to complete her degree in Modern History. She joined Barnet Green Party in 1990.

Miranda now focuses her campaigning on protecting trees and green spaces in Barnet & Camden. She is a member of Greenpeace Active and protested against the use of rainforest wood in the War Cabinet by the Blair Government. She took part in Greenpeace's anti-incineration campaign; when she first stood against Assembly Member Brian Coleman in 2000, protesting at Edmonton Incinerator and taking part in the occupation of Basingstoke Incinerator to protest against the waste and pollution caused by incineration and promoting recycling. Miranda organised Greens at the huge anti-war demonstration on 15th February 2003 and took part in the occupation of Sizewell B Nuclear Power Station by Greenpeace; drawing attention to the public's rejection of Nuclear Power by helping to paint "72% say No" on the side of the cooling tower and took part in the CND march to Aldermaston in 2004.

Miranda has supported Brian Haw's protest against the Iraq war and against the use of depleted uranium in the war on terror since 2002. Miranda was arrested and convicted for protesting against the Blair Government's support of Bush's foreign policy; and for calling Gordon Brown a 'war criminal' on the day he became Prime Minister.

Recent campaigns Miranda is working on include: defending local post offices and the rights of postal workers; supporting organic farming with free-range livestock; promoting allotments; saving street trees; protecting front gardens from being paved and back gardens from developers; protecting services for those with mental health issues; and opposing the dismantling of GPs surgeries in Barnet & Camden to facilitate the introduction of New Labour's 'Polyclinics' which take capital from the local community and make the vulnerable less independent.

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