Jean Lambert

Jean Lambert

Jean Lambert is the Green Party Member of the European Parliament for London. She is one of eight MEPs representing London and one of two UK Green representatives in the European Parliament. 

As a Londoner, Jean is committed to making the capital city a fair, socially inclusive and sustainable city - and as an MEP she provides a strong voice on key issues ranging from social inclusion, asylum and immigration, energy and sustainability to human rights and peace.


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Contact details

For press enquiries about Jean Lambert's work relating to the Green Party, please contact Archie Thomas


For press enquiries about the work of Jean Lambert in the European Parliament only please contact Claire Norman


London office:


Office of Jean Lambert MEP
CAN Mezzanine
9-51 East Road
N1 6AH
+44 (0)7917 764 752


Brussels office:
European Parliament 8G107 
Rue Wiertz 
60 B 1047 


+32 (0)2 284 7507 



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