Cllr Scott Ainslie

St. Leonard's ward, Lambeth

Scott Ainslie

Greens caused upset in Lambeth after Scott Ainslie was elected for St. Leonard's ward in May 2014 with the Greens narrowly missing out on a second councillor - described as the "shock of the day" in local news papers. Cllr Ainslie said: 

“It means that we can create a great base for Green candidates,” he said. “The Greens have twenty-first century solutions for twenty-first century problems.

“We are needed more than ever now we have a one party state in Lambeth. I hope we can really build on the modest basis we have today.

“It certainly points in the right direction with some of the figures across the borough for the future.”

"I want to continue my work with community groups to make SW16 a more sustainable, fair & beautiful place to live."



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