Cllr John Coughlin

Brockley ward, Lewisham

John CoughlinJohn is a freelance translator and a member of the management team at Brockley Tenants' Coop. He's spent time canvassing for both local and national elections and as a musician he's been involved with fundraising for campaigns such as Save Oxleas Wood.

'At the Coop we see the dire need for affordable housing in Lewisham and the disastrous impact government cuts are having on the most vulnerable in our community. Green Party councillors protect the vulnerable and work towards closing this gap.'

'I am happiest, most comfortable in my environment when the society in which I live reflects the values I hold dearest; a willingness to help those less fortunate, a determination to respect and tolerate different viewpoints and lifestyles and to confront the unacceptable aspects of our society. I believe the council has a major part to play in upholding these principles.

'The pollution of the Arctic and the littering of local streets share a common dynamic and for environmental activism to have the moral authority to confront both, it must build from the bottom up. This means first and foremost dealing proactively and responsibly with local problems; one of the ways to do this is within a local council structure.'

John was elected to Lewisham Council in 2014 to the seat occupied between 2002-14 by Darren Johnson. John is the sole opposition Cllr in the Labour council. 

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