Caroline Allen

Caroline Allen, 34, is a Veterinary Surgeon. She lives and works in North London.

Born and brought up in Colchester, Caroline studied Veterinary Medicine at Cambridge University.

Shocked by her experiences of working on farms Caroline undertook further study in Animal Welfare and Public Policy so she could work to improve the situation.

Caroline joined the Green Party in 2005 due to its strong position on animal issues. She soon realised that many other Green Party policies resonated with her.

Caroline is Clinical Director of a small group of practices caring for pets. She strongly promotes responsible pet ownership and preventative health care. She also works on animal and food issues on a voluntary basis with a number of organisations.

Working for a small local business Caroline is passionate about the role these play in strong vibrant communities.

Caroline has campaigned in North London on a number of local issues; from saving local shops, green spaces and sports facilities, through to pushing for big businesses to behave more responsibly and sustainably. 

Caroline is currently working on the issue of ‘status dogs’ and irresponsible pet ownership. She believes the legislation in this area is a disaster. The current situation causes suffering to both the animals involved and to local people, who have to put up with anti-social behaviour associated with dogs.

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