Soft Brexit fundraising appeal


We have just launched an ambitious London Fundraising Appeal to raise £275,000This can be our most successful campaign ever.  




In the 2014 Council elections, the Greens doubled the number of seats in 4 Inner London boroughs.  With an additional defection of a Lib Dem Councillor concerned about air pollution, local media profile, and with your sustained support, we can take the fight back to this Tory Brexit government.

The one thing everybody can agree on about politics right now is that it’s unpredictable.  London is open to residents from all around Europe and Theresa May is not exactly filling us with confidence that we will keep the tradition of saying refugees welcome here, whether from fractious parties or fractions regions of the world. 
But one thing is fairly predictable - the more money we spend on our fight for affordable rented homes of a decent standard, climate justice, and the local economy, the better we do. We are the most internationalist party that have always pointed out that migration is a 2 way street.  With a brand new field organiser we can bring together volunteers to show that we have more in common than the far right portray in the media.
We need to raise £275,000 to soften Brexit for all Londoners - please give whatever you can to our London Fundraising Appeal, to put us on a level playing field with the other major parties.



Three Ways to Donate

  • Donate online via PayPal (no PayPal account needed)
  • Make a bank transfer to: London Green Party, Sort Code: 089033, Account: 50053722 Please use your last name and postcode as a reference so we know who to thank. 
  • Send a cheque to: London Green Party, 16, Nightingale Avenue, London E4 9RG

Please note that due to Electoral Commission regulations, we are unfortunately unable to accept anonymous donations over £500; donations over £500 from individuals who are not on the UK electoral register; donations over £500 from non-UK registered groups, businesses etc. Many thanks for your generosity and understanding.