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Greens pledge to block London cycling cuts

Reacting to new figures from Darren Johnson AM showing that Transport for London expects the next Mayor of London to slash cycling investment by 60 per cent by 2020/21, Sian Berry has pledged to block the cuts and raise cycling investment.

She has also challenged other candidates to match her pledge.

Sian said today:

“As Mayor I will block the cuts and increase investment in cycling. It would be a historic error to slash the budget just as Transport for London is putting in some decent cycle infrastructure, especially as cyclists are expected to outnumber cars in central London.

“Greens on the London Assembly stopped TfL from cutting its £5 million cycling budget in 2002 and persuaded Ken Livingstone, Boris Johnson and TfL to get investment of over £100 million a year. I will ensure Greens continue to lead the charge for a cycling revolution in London.

Warm words about cycling are worthless without the money to deliver them, and any candidate creating a black hole in TfL’s finances will put cycling investment under threat.”