Women make up half of Green Party candidates in London

30 March 2015

The Green Party has announced that half of the London Green Party parliamentary candidates will be women and will also include the first ever out trans man to stand for parliament, Charlie Kiss.

Brent Cross roads expansion

25 March 2015

"The Mayor needs to ask whether the extra road capacity, with all the accompanying growth in pollution and also congestion elsewhere on the road network, is now needed" says Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson, who expresses concern on how this will affect the environment and how future maintenance of the structure will work.

Green Party launches campaign to bring London Bridge train services under public ownership

22 March 2015

As delays and cancellations continue to hit passengers, travelling through London Bridge, the Green Party calls for decisive action.

Crossrail 2 house price boost should be taxed

19 March 2015

Crossrail 2 project will "drive up housing costs in relatively affordable parts of London without further action" warns Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson who calls for a land value tax to dampen the rise in prices and help fund the project.

Greens announce three Crystal Palace candidates and ten pledges

17 March 2015

Tom Chance, Shasha Khan and Rashid Nix are announced as Green Party parliamentary candidates for Lewisham West & Penge, Dulwish & West Norwood and Croydon North respectively, along with ten pledges to Crystal Palace.

Mayor issues first ‘high’ air pollution warning, now he needs to act

17 March 2015

“The Breathe Better campaign is really disappointing and inadequate compared to the scale of London's air pollution challenge" says Green Assembly Member Jenny Jones who has criticised how the warning has been broadcast, the steps taken to protect hospitals and schools and the steps taken to reduce pollution during the high pollution period.

London needs a living wage, rather than a minimum wage

17 March 2015

"The Mayor should be making the case for raising the minimum wage in London to a living wage" says Green Assembly Member Jenny Jones, as the minimum wage is set to rise to £6.70, but remains well short of the living wage.

IPCC investigate corruption claims relating to sexual abuse and Met Police

16 March 2015

“We need a police service that protects the vulnerable from the powerful" says Green Assembly Member Jenny Jones, who calls for whistle blowers to be supported by the Met and for them "to promote positive examples of staff who have blown the whistle".

"A revelation": What I learned from my first Green Party Conference

14 March 2015

In this guest blog, London Green Party member Andrew Tobert tells us how he found his first ever Green Party Conference.

20mph should become default speed limit where people shop, work and live

12 March 2015

“This is a welcome recognition from TfL that 20mph should be the default speed limit in large areas of London" says Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson, as TfL announces it will cut speed limits to 20mph on Red Routes.

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