London Green MEP Jean Lambert out to support national demonstration against secret US-EU trade deal

12 July 2014

"I am proud to support this national day of action and I am working hard with my fellow Green MEPs to stand-up to this corporate power-grab and oppose the passage of this deal"

UK government misses London's legal pollution limit by 20 years - and then tries to hide it

11 July 2014

Green AM Jenny Jones: "Politicians at all levels of local and national Government have failed to take the decisive actions needed to reduce pollution"

London Greens stand with striking workers against austerity

10 July 2014

"We can't go on like this" say London's Green Councillors joining unions in the largest one-day strike over pay by public sector employees since 2010.

“Let’s get recycling and safe BBQ disposal on Highbury Fields” says Green Councillor for Islington

09 July 2014

Newly elected Green Party Councillor Caroline Russell has mounted a campaign to improve the recycling and waste-disposal facilities in Highbury Fields, the borough’s largest open space

"We do not need to simply accept further airport expansion as somehow inevitable"

08 July 2014

Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson calls up billionaire businessman Richard Branson and Tory Mayor Boris Johnson on their schemes to maximise profits to the detriment of Londoners' quality of life

London missing out on the solar revolution sweeping the country, says Green AM

08 July 2014

London Assembly Member Jenny Jones releases "London is Ready for A Brighter Future" report asking why London has lowest uptake of solar panels of any region on mainland Britain

"Mayor's dithering" allows Oxford Street to become world's most polluted road

07 July 2014

Green Assembly Member Jenny Jones calls on Mayor Boris Johnson to act to protect Londoners and visitors as King's College researchers find Oxford Street's NO2 levels are highest in the world

"Greens believe in an NHS run in the interests of people – not profits"

05 July 2014

London's Green MEP Jean Lambert has called for an "adequately-funded publicly-provided NHS" as protesters march through East London to mark 66 years of the health service

"Intelligence agencies should not spy on Members of Parliament" says Green AM as hearing begins

02 July 2014

The Green fight to protect digital rights continues with a procedural hearing in the legal case brought by London Assembly Member Baroness Jenny Jones and Caroline Lucas MP

Green Assembly Member in "Put Houses before Golf" video for BBC's Daily Politics

01 July 2014

"In the South-East of Croydon there is more land given over to golf courses than to housing" says Jenny Jones in special video for the BBC's Daily Politics, as new figures reveal London homeless levels have doubled since 2007.

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