Haringey Greens announce Tom Davidson to fight Woodside by-election

16 September 2014

Haringey Green Party have confirmed Tom Davidson, experienced community figure and ex-Labour councillor, as the Green candidate in the Woodside by-election, to take place on Thursday 2nd October to fill the vacancy on Haringey Council.

Boris Johnson must go solar to help save the planet

16 September 2014

In the wake of a new report Green Assembly Member Baroness Jenny Jones calls for Mayor Boris Johnson to take much needed action and invest in solar panel, instead of backing environmentally damaging fracking.

New homes price risen by £100,000 since Mayor elected

16 September 2014

Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson criticises the Mayor over the dramatic price rise in London homes, highlighting the Mayor's signing off of luxury apartments, whilst rejecting measures such as tax breaks for buy-to-let investors and controlling overseas investment.

Green Party selects candidate for Kingston by-election

16 September 2014

Ryan Coley has been selected as the Green Party Councillor candidate for Kingston; Ryan is a local resident and activist, who wants to focus on protecting local business owners and cleaning up the roads.

London Greens say no to secret TTIP trade deal

12 September 2014

London Green Party rally against TTIP, highlighting the need to go further than just excluding the NHS from the deal so as to "protect hard won standards" and the environment.

Greens select ‘campaigning dad’ as Parliamentary candidate for Streatham

12 September 2014

Local Jonathan Bartley has been chosen by the Lambeth Green Party; Jonathan has been heavily involved in many movements the Green Party have supported.

HS2 link to London is "rich-man's railway"

11 September 2014

Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett speaks out against HS2, saying "the investment should be going into local infrastructure" instead.

Train capacity figures “a wake-up call”; Green Party urges public transport to be put back into public hands

11 September 2014

"Passengers should not have to put up with being crammed into train over double their capacity, as prices rocket" says Green Party Transport spokesperson, stating the need for the railways to run to "serve the common good, not as a source of profit".

Assembly gets behind Green call to support 'Renters manifesto'

10 September 2014

The Assembly have voted to support Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson's motion to have the Mayor respond to the 'Renters manifesto', calling for reforms in private rental market.

Mayor hikes Londoner's fares yet again, but driving costs keep falling

08 September 2014

Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson calls for a "London-wide pay-as-you-drive charging system" to help fund an expansion in public transport and to stop spiralling fares.

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