Mayor may only finish 4 out of 12 promised Cycle Superhighways

22 October 2014

Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson criticises the Mayor of London for failing to spend half of his budget for Superhighways with only the first four to be completed by the end of his term.

Call for Lambeth Council to divest from fossil fuels

21 October 2014

Scott Ainslie, Lambeth Green Party Councillor, and Green MP Caroline Lucas call for Lambeth Council to follow the recent trend of divesting from fossil fuels and investing in more profitable renewable energy.

Evictions from Council homes in Hackney have risen by 60% since the government's welfare reforms were introduced

21 October 2014

"Welfare reforms are hitting the poorest and the most vulnerable in our communities" says Hackney Green Spokesperson, as the rise in total evictions in Hackney over the last year are a direct result of the rise in those due to arrears.

Delays in cycling safety measures ‘could cost lives’

20 October 2014

Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson urges Boris Johnson to complete cycling superhighways and extensions swiftly, with two fatalities in the last year on a route due to be improved.

London Councillors call for action on wage inequality on day of national TUC demo

18 October 2014

London Green Councillors call for councils to start paying the living wage to staff and for business to work towards a 10:1 pay ratio.

MIPIM: Homes in Mayor’s opportunity areas sold to high-income investors

15 October 2014

Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson calls for a "radical change in direction" in the housing market, as the Mayor of London continues to promote house and land sale to private investors.

Boris Bike sponsorship should be ‘sugar free’

14 October 2014

TfL must "reject any future advertising bids from 'junk food and drink' companies" says Green Assembly Member Jenny Jones.

Silvertown Tunnel means more traffic for east London

14 October 2014

Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson fears local areas could end up with far more congestion and pollution than the Mayor has previously suggested.

Mayor of London 'making a mockery' of his health responsibilities

14 October 2014

Green Assembly Member Jenny Jones accuses the Mayor of London of "making a mockery" of his health responsibilities by endorsing companies whose products are associated with childhood obesity.

Welcome for Council U-turn on Lambeth Living

07 October 2014

Lambeth Council's move to re-take direct control of its homes in the borough is welcomed by the Green Party, but Greens call for guarantees there will be no job losses in the progress.

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