Spy cops case: CPS decision not to charge officers “staggering”

21 August 2014

Green Assembly Member Baroness Jenny Jones accuses the CPS of denying justice for the victims of the undercover police and urges the Mayor of London to lobby the Director of Public Prosecutions.

Trial date set for Croydon Green's case against incinerator

21 August 2014

Croydon’s Green Party Co-Coordinator Shasha Khan has achieved a crucial milestone in his fight to protect a 400 acre wildlife reserve from becoming the site of an incinerator.

Right-to-buy "a disaster for London" warns Darren Johnson

21 August 2014

Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson calls for the Mayor of London to scrap right-to-buy, warning that many council homes sold will end up as properties of private landlords, resulting in fewer low-rent homes and driving more low paid people out of London.

Green momentum continues in Knight's Hill by-election

15 August 2014

Green Party rises from last to third in the recent Knight's Hill by-elections and would have had 10 seats on Lambeth Council under a proportional voting system, whilst Labour would've had an overall majority of just 4 seats.

London Greens part of biggest march for Gaza to date

09 August 2014

Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett and London Green MEP Jean Lambert call for the UK government to do all that is possible to bring an end to the bloodshed in Gaza, including ceasing all military co-operation with Israel.

Lewisham Greens: Council must heed residents' road safety concerns

07 August 2014

Lewisham Council has been criticised by local Green Safer Streets spokesperson Clare Phipps for their lax attitude in addressing residents' safety concerns over a road that has seen four major car accidents since March.

Victory for Greens in Islington as Council U-turns on Idling Charge

05 August 2014

From the 1st of August motorists in the borough who leave their engines on whilst stationary will be advised to turn them off or face £20 fine in a move to combat deadly air pollution

Green AM uncovers £147,000 spent by Met battling women deceived into relationships

05 August 2014

Jenny Jones AM: "After three years of legal battles it really is time for the Met to stop wasting public money fighting these women and learn the value of an apology."

Richmond cyclists spell out TFL and Tory Council's failures as Green AM visits borough

01 August 2014

Darren Johnson, Green Party Member of the London Assembly, today met with cyclists and pedestrians in Richmond to investigate dangers at two busy junctions in the vicinity of the railway station.

"In a city as wealthy as London, no one should be sleeping rough" says Green AM

31 July 2014

London Assembly Housing Committee report found that cuts are stretching resources leaving a serious shortage of accommodation and inadequate or even inappropriate support service, writes Darren Johnson in Left Foot Forward blog

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