Green Party Selects Marie James as Prince’s Ward Council Candidate to Address Housing and Libraries for the Community

22 April 2015

"The Green Party represents a positive alternative to business-as-usual politics and I’m hugely honoured to be standing in Prince’s Ward where my extended family has lived for over 25 years" says Green Party council candidate Marie James.

Lambeth Green Party renews call for end to housing co-op evictions

21 April 2015

“It turns my stomach to see how profit is being put before people in this way, and the terrible cost that others are being forced to pay" says Green Party Councillor Scott Ainslie as Lambeth's Labour council prepares to evict another wave of people from their residencies.

"Register today to influence the politics of tomorrow": London Greens urge everyone to register to vote

19 April 2015

On the final day for voter registration, the Co-Chairs of the Green Party in London urge everyone to make sure they are registered and able to have their say on May 7th.

Dying for Freedom

15 April 2015

Jean Lambert, Green MEP for London, calls for "greater search and rescue" efforts to "prevent catastrophe" as well as introducing "safe access routes" to avoid migrants taking riskier routes to "avoid increasingly restrictive land borders".

Affordable housing percentage crashes to 8 year low in London

13 April 2015

Green Party calls for an extra £6bn social housing grant for London up to 2020, as affordable housing in the capital hits an 8 year low.

Green MEP calls for day of ‘free public transport’ to combat air pollution

10 April 2015

"Measures such as making public transport free for the day should be considered during serious smog episodes in Britain" calls Green MEP Keith Taylor who also calls for the government to follow France's example.

Former Vice-Chair of Transport for London leaves Labour for the Green Party

07 April 2015

"The Green Party's policies are at the cutting edge of what we need in this society" says Former Vice-Chair of TfL, Dave Wetzel, who has left Labour to be a Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Hounslow, where he was the leader of the Labour council in the 90s.

Green Party urges Lambeth Council to clean up its act

01 April 2015

Jonathan Bartley, Green Parliamentary candidate for Streatham, hits out at the Lambeth Council saying "it is a scandal that Lambeth Council is happy to blame everyone else rather than get its own house in order" and urging the Labour-led council to clean up its act and follow its own transport plan.

Women make up half of Green Party candidates in London

30 March 2015

The Green Party has announced that half of the London Green Party parliamentary candidates will be women and will also include the first ever out trans man to stand for parliament, Charlie Kiss.

Miliband challenged over Labour's destruction of Tulse Hill housing

26 March 2015

"Labour have lost touch with ordinary people" says Green Party Parliamentary candidate for Streatham, Jonathan Bartley, who challenges Ed Miliband to disprove him by overturning the Labour council's decision on Tulse Hill housing.

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