Cycling flagship welcome, but rest of London needs “swift action"

27 January 2015

"There are hundreds of dangerous junctions across all areas of London, but this Mayor will manage to finish ten by the time he leaves" says Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson, who welcomes the green light for the East-West Cycling Superhighway and calls for more similar projects to progress.

Green Party joins mass “March for Homes” demonstration against London housing crisis

26 January 2015

"The Green Party believes a house should be a home to live in, not an asset for investors" says Co-Chair of the London Green Party Tom Chance, as the Green Party announce they will join protesters this Saturday against the soaring housing prices in London.

All other northern regions leave London in the dark, as London drops even further behind on solar panels

26 January 2015

Green Assembly Member Baroness Jenny Jones calls for the Mayor of London to support her draft 'Mayoral Decision' to support wider solar energy implementation in London, as a clean renewable alternative to proposed fracking plans.

Greens urge Lambeth to call off the bailiffs for Council Tax Support claimants

21 January 2015

Lambeth's cuts to Council Tax Support (CTS) is an "unbearable burden on those who can least afford it" says Lambeth Green Councillor Scott Ainslie, who calls their approach of issuing court summons to those with arrears involving CTS "self defeating".

Membership of the Green Party booms in London

19 January 2015

London Green Party's membership booms inline with the rise of the National Party, with the Green Party surpassing UKIPs and Lib Dems membership count and YouGov placing Green Party third in the capital.

Right to Buy ‘is disaster for London’

12 January 2015

As reports reveal a 400% increase in right-to-buy fraud in London, Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson speaks out against the policy calling it a "disaster for London" and for the Mayor to "lobby for it to be scrapped".

Green Party selected to mobilise schools to monitor air pollution in Lambeth

12 January 2015

"We want to empower schools" says Green Parliamentary Candidate for Vauxhall Gulnar Hasnain as Lambeth Green Party are awarded £1000 to support local schools and raise awareness of pollution levels, including installing monitors to counteract Labour's cover up attempts.

Is the Mayor fiddling air pollution figures?

09 January 2015

Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson questions how the Mayor of London can reduce the pollution so drastically at one site, but not elsewhere.

Mayor should use £20m surplus from emissions charge to fund expansion of Ultra Low Emission Zone

09 January 2015

The Mayor's proposed Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) needs to be "sooner, stronger and spread further" says Green MEP Jenny Jones, who calls for Boris Johnson to put funds raised by the existing Low Emission Zone towards expanding the proposed ULEZ.

Boris Johnson cannot ignore the latest alarm bell on climate change

05 January 2015

As 2014 is set to go down as the hottest year in Central England in recorded history Green Assembly Member Jenny Jones calls upon the Mayor of London to stop "the buck passing" and to focus on transforming London into a low carbon economy.

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