London Councillors: "We’re minded this Eid to consider the plight of those in Gaza"

28 July 2014

As communities in London and across the world celebrate the Muslim festival of Eid, London's Green Councillors express their hope for peace in Gaza

Green AM criticises growing trend of "poor doors" in London's new developments

26 July 2014

Green AM Darren Johnson has accused developers of "contempt for ordinary people" after an investigation with the Guardian revealed less well-off tenants are being forced to use separate doors in a growing number of London's new developments.

Mayor giving fast-food companies direct access to children despite obesity crisis

24 July 2014

Green Assembly Member Baroness Jenny Jones speaks out against Mayor Boris Johnson's track record of letting companies promoting products with high amounts of fat and sugar sponsor events involving children.

Mayor of London will miss affordable housing target

23 July 2014

Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson expresses his shock at the Mayor's 'relaxed' attitude about his 'abysmal record' on affordable housing.

Green voice in Lambeth to be gagged by Labour

22 July 2014

New amendments in Lambeth, which are set to be forced through by Labour without consultation, are an act to further centralise power and control and to remove accountability under the guise of giving local residents more of a say says Green Councillor Scott Ainslie.

Lambeth Council worst in London for penalising poorest over council tax support

18 July 2014

Greens call on council to end failing policies which are hurting Lambeth’s poorest residents after new report shows Lambeth Council has issued most summonses, called in the baliffs more often and charged over £1 million in costs to its poorest residents.

London needs robust plans to combat heatwaves

17 July 2014

Green London Assembly Member Baroness Jenny Jones calls for the Mayor of London to seriously address London's lack of ability to cope with rising temperatures.

Call for Investigation into ‘apparent cover up’ over Lambeth Council’s Foster Care Failings

16 July 2014

Lambeth Green Party Councillor Scott Ainslie joins MPs calls to investigate the 'apparent cover up' of how a convicted paedophile was allowed to become a foster carer.

London F1 approval would send ‘wrong message’

14 July 2014

The Mayor should be getting behind local calls for the expansion of the 20mph speed limits, not celebrating motor racing on some of the most polluted streets in the world says Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson.

London Green MEP Jean Lambert out to support national demonstration against secret US-EU trade deal

12 July 2014

"I am proud to support this national day of action and I am working hard with my fellow Green MEPs to stand-up to this corporate power-grab and oppose the passage of this deal"

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