Green’s Jenny Jones pushes Mayor to extend Ultra Low Emission Zone

22 May 2015

"The time for Mayoral dithering is over" says Green Assembly Member Jenny Jones, who welcomes Boris Johnson's consideration of the extension of the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) but calls for action now to deal with London's "terrible pollution problem".

Lambeth Greens achieve major victory in efforts to tackle air pollution

22 May 2015

Lambeth Councillors vote in support of Green Party proposals to introduce electric bus routes and to launch a campaign against engine idling, which was put forth by Green Party Councillor Scott Ainslie. Scott welcomed the outcome, calling for "a clear timetable (to be) put in place for delivery".

Mayor’s plan to reduce weekend night bus services questioned

20 May 2015

Darren Johnson, Green Assembly Member, expresses concern that cuts to night bus services may disadvantage Londoners; warning that passengers should not be "penalised as a result of the introduction of the night tube" if they do not wish to, or cannot, use the underground at such time.

Boris Johnson asked about failure to pursue Lorry Company who employed banned driver who killed cyclist

20 May 2015

Green Assembly Member Jenny Jones questions Boris Johnson on what actions is being taken by the MET "against the company and the licenced operator, who gave a job to Barry Meyer, despite him not having a valid HGV licence and a history of being banned on five previous occasions".

Surchage properties with paved over gardens that increase local flood risk

18 May 2015

The paving over of front gardens must be "urgently reversed" says Green Assembly Member Jenny Jones, who calls for "an additional surcharge on council taxes on homes in high surface water flood risk areas with paved over front gardens".

Migration Proposals Timid and Inconsistent

13 May 2015

"The Commission’s proposals are timid and don’t go far enough" says Green MEP Jean Lambert, who warns UN-military deterrence plans will cause "desperate people (to) seek out even more dangerous routes into the EU".

Vote share gains are "bitter-sweet" as First Past the Post denies Green voters at least 3 London seats

08 May 2015

Under a proportional system, London could have woken up this morning to 3 or 4 Green Members of Parliament as Greens achieve record result in capital, tripling their 2010 vote share

Green Leader and Camden Candidate: "It’s time to go out and vote Green"

07 May 2015

As London heads to the polls, Greens are expected to make big gains in London voteshare

“We’re about to make history”: Polls suggest Green Party will beat Liberal Democrats in London

05 May 2015

With just four days to go until the general election, polls suggest the Green Party could be about to make history in London by beating the Liberal Democrats into third place.

Green Party Deputy Leader Shahrar Ali launches Greens’ BAME manifesto in Brick Lane, London

03 May 2015

Green Party Deputy Leader and candidate for Brent Central launched the Party's Black, Asian, and Minority Ethnic (BAME) manifesto today in Brick Lane, London.

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