New rules risks making London's airports noisier, warns Euro-MP

17 April 2014

Green MEP Jean Lambert calls the revision on aviation rules "a blow for all European citizens living near airports", which will now enable the European Commission to overrule flight restrictions at airports, including night bans.

Euro-MPs agree to close loopholes on rights for 'posted' foreign workers

17 April 2014

Legislation to ensure minimum wage and other rights is "an important step forward" for the rights of workers temporarily posted in other EU member states says Green MEP Jean Lambert.

Euro-MPs agree to phase out plastic bags

17 April 2014

"Any measures to dramatically cut their use are to be welcomed" says Green MEP Jean Lambert as MEPs call for mandatory targets to reduce plastic bag use by 50% in three years and 80% over five.

Euro-MPs vote for safer roads for London

15 April 2014

Green MEP Jean Lambert welcomes the introduction of legislation that will force manufacturers to improve windows and mirrors to improve cyclists' visibility.

London Green Party welcomes MP investigation into London's air pollution

14 April 2014

Jean Lambert MEP welcomes the news that MPs are to investigate the state of London's air pollution.

The BBC misrepresents the energy debate. Again.

13 April 2014

West Central Green Party's Co-Chair Jurgen Huber responds to a recent BBC article which claimed to unveil German's "dirty energy secret".

EU must focus on environmental crisis as well as social and economic

11 April 2014

The EU must tackle the "triple crises" the world is facing together or it cannot hope to solve any of them says Green MEP Jean Lambert.

UK missing out on skills of migrant women, says Green MEP

11 April 2014

Despite our economic dependence on migrant workers too many politicians are arguing that we should make it harder for migrants, when instead we should be making it easier for women to use the skills and qualifications they already have says Green MEP Jean Lambert.

Green MEP urges UN to focus on London's runaways

11 April 2014

A global effort is necessary to improve the lives of the estimated 700 million homeless children states Green MEP Jean Lambert.

London's latest smog death figures released

10 April 2014

The government must take responsibility says Green MEP Jean Lambert as it is estimated that 7.2% of deaths in London are attributable to air pollution.

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