Mayor's pollution policies shattered by ClientEarth legal case win

19 November 2014

London's Elected Greens Baroness Jenny Jones AM and Jean Lambert MEP have congratulated Client Earth on their historic legal win today, and called on the UK Government and Mayor Boris Johnson to urgently review their air pollution policies.

Lewisham Greens support the campaign to stop academies in Lewisham

19 November 2014

Academy schools "increase inequality and have questionable results" says Brockley Green Party councillor John Coughlin, as the Lewisham Green Party calls for people to attend a rally at Sedgehill School, Wednesday 26th November at 6pm to protest against the introduction of academy schools.

Lambeth Council’s recycling rate plummets

19 November 2014

"Lambeth's waste and recycling services appear to be in crisis" says Green Party Councillor Scott Ainslie, who calls for the Labour Lambeth council to "come clean" about trying to cover up its "plummetting recycling rates" and to take action.

Mayor will spend up to 28 times more on road building than on cycling infrastructure

18 November 2014

Boris Johnson releases plans to spend £28 billion on road projects up to 2050, but only £1 billion on cycling. Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson criticises the "Mayor's costly obsession with new roads" saying it will only succeed in "creating more traffic and more pollution".

Green MEP on migrant benefits: "PM should focus on low pay not restricting freedom of movement"

13 November 2014

New report shows EU migrants receive, on average, 50% less in terms of social benefit expenditure and that the migration results in net positive contribution. In response Green MEP Jean Lambert has said "the conclusion isn't new" and that the Prime Minister should be concentrating on "ensuring people are paid decent wages".

London Green MEP report launch: Energy saving benefits low income consumers and the environment

12 November 2014

The new report highlights opportunities to combine environmental and social benefits, urging low-income households to be put at the heart of Europe's energy future without sacrificing environmental imperatives and calling upon the EU to uphold the 'polluter pays' principle.

“Prioritise the safety and health of Londoners” Councillor warns London Mayor as she joins national observation for traffic victims

12 November 2014

The Green Party voices their support of the National Funeral for the Unknown Victim of Traffic Violence with councillor Caroline Russell set to speak at the demonstration and Green Assembly Member Baroness Jenny Jones set to attend.

Mayor must "come clean about Crystal Palace and back community-led approach”

11 November 2014

The Mayor needs to review his general approach to the Crystal Palace area says Green Assembly Member Darren Johnson, who calls for Boris Johnson to publish briefs given to consultants and support a community-led approach.

London Green Party backs call for student demonstration against austerity

07 November 2014

National demonstrations in London are called for by student groups and campaigns. The co-chair of the Young Greens Cliff Fleming calls for "an open, accessible, free education system that supports those from all backgrounds".

Mayor puts £30m public money towards "Garden Bridge" - but can the public use it?

06 November 2014

Plans for a "Garden Bridge" that have secured £30 million pounds from both TfL and the Department for Transport does not guarantee right of way for the public, whilst the Mayor of London has also rejected proposals to include a cycle track running alongside.

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