“We need politicians to act as guardians of our city” say London Greens as thousands join in climate demo

06 March 2015

London’s political leaders are failing to take seriously their responsibility to protect the capital from climate change as thousands take to the streets in a call for action.

Mayor and Policing Deputy not consulted on Met’s Pay to Protest policy

26 February 2015

Green Assembly Member Jenny Jones joins the Mayor of London in criticising the Met's change in protest policy calling it "a cost-cutting move that has backfired". The new policy says the Met will not provide stewarding or traffic management services to enable demonstrations to happen.

Greens welcome that ZhongRong are gone from Crystal Palace

26 February 2015

Tom Chance, Green Party's parliamentary candidate for Lewisham West and Penge, welcomes the passing of the deadline for the ZhongRong Group's deposit and proposals for the Crystal Palace Park, stating "park users will be delighted to hear that this deal has finally fell through".

Most cycling danger hotspots not on Boris Johnson’s list for immediate action

25 February 2015

A recent list released by Aviva reveals the top 10 areas of casualties in London, with only one of them being addressed by the Mayor's "Better Junction" scheme. Green Assembly Member calls the list indicative of how little the Mayor has achieved for safer roads and how much work is left to do for the next Mayor.

New data shows Heathrow still breaching legal NO2 limits in 2030

20 February 2015

"The Mayor needs to urgently reconsider the geographical range of his proposed Ultra Low Emission Zone" says Jenny Jones as roads surrounding Heathrow are predicted to not meet legal limits for NO2 by 2030, with 50 other London road locations also predicted to be over the limits by 2020.

Mayor plans for London manufacturing to disappear within fifty years

18 February 2015

Mayoral projections estimate that manufacturing will have disappeared from London by 2062, but at the current rate it will have disappeared in half the time. London Green Assembly Member Jenny Jones hit back saying "London’s flourishing manufacturing base is being squeezed out by the Mayor, who is in the pocket of big property developers".

Hackney to Tottenham cycling scheme “great quietway, but not superhighway”

17 February 2015

"Many cyclists will enjoy a quieter, less polluted route, but many others want the directness and speed of the main roads" says Green Assembly Member Jenny Jones as the planned 'superhighway' route 1 from Tottenham to Liverpool will result in no safety improvement on main roads.

Mayor of London’s workfare scheme halved likelihood of young people finding work

17 February 2015

"Boris Johnson has spent £12m forcing thousands of young people to undertake pointless and unpaid work" says Green Assembly Member Jenny Jones after findings showed that young people that completed the 'workfare' scheme were half as likely to be in paid employment at the end as those who did not.

Membership of the London Green Party hits 10,000

17 February 2015

Co-chair of the London Green Party Caroline Allen says it's "thrilling to be a part of this major milestone" as London Green Party membership hits 10,000 and the Green Party polls third in the capital.

Unsafe lorries 'banned' from London to protect cyclists

06 February 2015

Caroline Russell, Islington Green Party Councillor, welcomes the ban but warns that "we should not assume that lorry danger will be fixed (alone) by these new measures" and calls for the removal of incentives to drive fast, such as piece work rates for lorry drivers.

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