Boroughs may join Ultra Low Emission Zone

19 March 2014

Green Assembly Member Baroness Jenny Jones welcomes Mayor's discussion with inner London boroughs to expand the Ultra Low Emission Zone.

Jenny calls on Mayor to block Sutton incinerator

19 June 2013

Decision to grant planning permission for an incinerator in Sutton is now in the Mayor's hands.

It's time David Cameron recognises that "Green is Working"

19 October 2012

Green Party Leader Natalie Bennett yesterday joined the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition in a march to demand support for the green economy.

Jenny Jones: outer London has needs too!

19 April 2012

Green Mayoral candidate launches policies for outer London ahead of May election

Jenny Jones says HS2 ‘should be stopped’ during visit to Ealing

19 April 2012

Jones: Investment in public transport is essential but it must be done in a way that benefits everyone."

McDonald’s back down over British Olympic chickens after pressure from Green Jenny Jones

19 March 2012

Fast food giant agrees to increase domestic supply to 90%.

Big difference in borough cycle training for children

19 March 2012

Jenny Jones: "“If we want future generations to cycle in London, then supporting cycle training in schools is the place to start."

London 2012 Olympics won't be plastic bag free

19 March 2012

Darren Johnson: "The reality is these are bog standard plastic bags however you dress it up"

Air pollution breaches not reported to European Commission

19 March 2012

Darren Johnson: “The European Commission is being kept in the dark about the true state of London's air pollution problem and the reality of its impacts on Londoners’ health."

Try something new today, supermarkets told: pay a living wage in London

19 January 2012

Darren Johnson: “The minimum wage isn’t keeping up with the rising cost of living in London, forcing more parents to work two jobs to make ends meet."

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