Let’s make housing affordable

Let's put a dent in the cost of rent and make more homes available through councils and co-operatives.

  • We will help Londoners set up housing co-operatives to build homes they can really afford, putting land into community trusts
  • We will campaign for a radical shake-up of the private rented sector, stabilising costs and giving tenants more security while helping landlords to invest in high quality homes
  • We will offer homes to self-help co-operatives who can work with those excluded from housing to bring empty properties back into use, gaining valuable skills along the way

Green London Assembly Members have supported local communities so they can build and refurbish homes exposing the Mayor's support for unaffordable new homes.


Let's make sure all our homes are affordable to heat as well as to rent or buy. 

  • We will refurbish more than a million homes to make them more energy and water efficient, reducing bills and cutting carbon emissions
  • We will ensure homes are built to high standards with enhanced building control checks and are made ready so they can use the latest renewable energy
  • We will deliver major regeneration projects from the grassroots, supporting local communities to take control of their future


Green London Assembly Members worked to secure the city's largest home insulation programme and demonstrated how it could be funded to reach over a million homes.