May 2014 Election Results

Jean Lambert returned to the European Parliament

Greens at City Hall

  • Nearly 200,000 Londoners voted for Jean
  • 1.2 million UK wide voted Green to re-elect Keith Taylor SE MEP and elect SW's first Green MEP Molly Scott Cato
  • Jean Lambert (front row, left of centre in image to the right) said: "Thank you London voters for returning me to the [European Parliament]. Great feeling."

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Greens double their number of Councillors in London from 2 to 4

Green Councillors

  • New Green Councillors elected in Islington (Caroline Russell, front left) and Lambeth (Scott Ainslie, right)
  • Seats held in Lewisham (John Coughlin, rear, second left - seat formerly occupied by Darren Johnson, front, centre left) and Camden (Sian Berry, rear, right - seat formerly occupied by Maya de Souza, front, centre right)
  • Greens poll 2nd in Hackney Mayoral Elections

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